The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge welcomes well behaved dogs on our winter trails as long as they are leashed.  The traditional sport of dog skijoring is where a dog assists a cross country skier. One to three dogs are commonly used. The skier provides power with skis and poles, and the dog adds additional power by running or pulling. The skier wears a skijoring harness, the dog wears a sled dog harness and the two are connected by a length of rope. There are no reins or other signaling devices to control the dog; the dog must be motivated by its own desire to run, and respond to the owner’s voice for direction. The sport is practiced recreationally and competitively, both for long distance travel and for short (sprint) distances.

We suggest the Perimeter Trail for skijoring. This trail is groomed flat and has good visibility . Leashed dogs are allowed on our other trails and the snowshoe trail. Please make sure your dog runs outside of the classic tracks on our groomed trails, if your dog cannot do this then please use the Perimeter Loop. 

Please join us for our annual skijoring event: Dawg Daze

Last modified on December 29th, 2021 at 4:56 pm