Hok Skis

Altai Skis

The Mountain Lodge rents Altai Hok skis during the winter. These short, 125cm skis have metal edges and a permanent skin attached to the bottom. Skins are designed to let the ski slide forward on snow but not backward. They also use a universal binding that can be adjusted to fit almost any winter boot.  We find that a first time user can easily use Altai Hok skis without any previous skiing experience, we have both adult and child sizes. 


Altai Skis were conceived by Nils Larsen and Francois Sylvain in 2009. They both had extensive experience in the ski industry and had worked together designing nordic and backcountry skis for over ten years. They designed the skis for what they call “pocket backcountry”, which they describe as, “the skiing many skiers have ready access to close to where they live. ” The Mountain Lodge has our own “pocket backcountry” easily accessible right out the door of our cabins.

First time Altai Skiers explore the fresh powder on Hole 1 of the golf course.

Altai skis were named after the Altai Mountains which are dead center in the Eurasian Continent. The earliest written records of skiing (in Chinese histories) refer to skiers hunting in the Altai. Skiing’s place of origin is still a mystery but the Altai/ Lake Baikal region is considered one of the likely places where skis were first used. To this day many of the indigenous population still use skis for transport, hunting and fun. These skiers are the inspiration for Altai Skis.

Altai Mountain Range in Asia.

Altai Hok Skis  

Children Skis – 125cm
Universal binding

Altai Balla Hok Skis 

Children Skis – 99cm
Universal binding

A family explores the winter trails on Altai Hok and Altai Balla Hok skis.

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