Lodge Life Shop Spotlight: Chris Guibert

The Lodge Life Shop Spotlight is a series that highlights the skills and creativity of Lodge team members. This month we are highlighting Chris Guibert, who leads the Outdoor Activities at the Lodge. Below are his words about himself.

Spotlight: Chris Guibert

Art has always been part of my life. I enjoy working through the creative process of just about anything. I drew for fun as a kid and took art classes and mechanical drawing throughout high school. At age 30, after a career in the mountain bike industry, I went back to school and earned a degree in Professional Photography (AAS) from Colorado Mountain College. After graduation I worked as the production manager at a digital art lab in Aspen Colorado.

At DAA (Digital Arts Aspen) I worked on digital art reproductions, assisted other photographers in the studio and helped with Photoshop workshops. Since 2004 I have worked as a freelance photographer focusing on commercial work and editorial assignments in the adventure travel industry. I have created feature stories for publications such as Bike, Powder, Freehub, Mountain Flyer and others. I hope to invoke the spirit of adventure in my images, I want the viewer to be thrilled, stimulated and inspired. I look for subjects that open metaphorical doors and showcase the beauty of this world and beyond.

Currently I am the Outdoor Activities Lead at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge. While working with the KML team on the IDA (International Dark Sky Association) application I became fascinated with night sky imagery. I started paying more attention to celestial events and found myself waking up all times of night to capture the cosmos.

I used a Canon 5D Mark IV and their series of “L” lenses on a tripod to capture these images. My workflow consists of processing the raw files in the Adobe raw converter and then bringing them into Photoshop for some contrast adjustments and lens corrections. My prints are the final step of my process. This series of images are printed with pigmented inks from an Epson SureColor P800 printer on Epson Hot Press Bright Fine Art Paper.

If you have any questions about my imagery or work flow please come see me at the OAC (Outdoor Activity Center)

Below are pieces that can be viewed and purchased in the Lodge Life Shop

You can view more of Chris’ work at his website: chrisguibert.com.

And follow him on Instagram: @chrisguibert_photography.