Golf: Aerating and Top Dressing the Greens

Last Thursday, September 15th, the golf course maintenance crew is working on aerating and top dressing the greens on the golf course.  We started on last Thursday, and will continue this week, to get the greens aerated and top dressed. 

Doing the aerating at this time of year is now our regular schedule, with this being the 4th year in keeping with this schedule.

Yes, at the top of the Keweenaw, we still have good weather to play golf. So some golfers question why we are aerating the greens at this time. We would like to continue to have a quality putting surface to play on.

The reason for performing the aerating is because of the good weather. We should not aerate when there is poor weather (e.g. rain, snow, etc.). We need to take advantage of this weather when we can. Prior to 2019, aerating was pushed back as far into the fall season as possible. As a result, aerating would not take place every year because the weather would turn wet before being able to aerate.

If we are to continue to have quality greens on the Lodge golf course we need to improve the probability the golf course maintenance crew we can do a quality job. Aerating in mid-September is part of that strategy. This strategy also means greens will be ready earlier in June (rather than in mid-July if not later).

If you are still wanting to play this week, the golf course will be open during the aerating and top dressing process. Golfers will need to play around the green which the crew is working on, and then come back and play that hole or play another hole to ensure you get your full 9- or 18-hole round completed.

The green fees are still the regular green fees as they stay the same throughout the season (June 1st to October 15th). You can find them online here.


Last modified on September 25th, 2022 at 9:47 pm