Wed Talk with Kae: The Peace Only an Intimate Wedding Can Give

Some towns nestle up against our hearts. They end up becoming the type of place you know you’ll yearn for and think about when drowning in the everyday monotony. The place where you say, “can we fit it in this year?” in addition to the vacation you’ve been saving your PTO days for. Or at least… That’s what rolls through my mind. So let’s take that love of a place that feels like home and add something even more special to the mix: celebrating the love you share with your significant other.

This is where I have to admit my bias – I love Copper Harbor. This place truly is the town that nestled against my heart. I went to Northern Michigan University just to be a little closer to one of my own favorite places in the world. I’ve always looked forward to walking the lava flows, hearing the water splash against the coast, and breathing in that earthy smell so unique to the grounds here. In my mind, there’s almost no reason not to consider getting married here… but here’s my schtick: if you’re an adventurous, earthbound person who loves the little things, join me in adding Copper Harbor to your intimate wedding list. 

The very nature of an intimate wedding is just this: the freedom of spending intentional, quality time with those you love. It’s being able to close your eyes, envision a room full of all your favorite people… but then opening your eyes, and it being a reality. It’s booking cabins together so your best friends can play being your neighbor and your family being just across the way. It’s opening your door, taking a step outside and seeing your people on their own porches looking back at you. It’s having coffee together while watching the sun illuminate the trees, casually enjoying breakfast while looking across the golf course and picturing your first few steps down the aisle. Listening to the birds sing their morning songs and knowing that there really is no better way to start your wedding day. 


An intimate wedding is the convenience of staying all in one place, no additional travel required. It’s being able to sit alone under the oak trees to catch your breath rather than hopping in the car to drive forty minutes to the next venue. It’s feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your cheeks and knowing everything is just as it should be. It’s watching the sunset fall behind Brockway Mountain, listening to the laughs of your friends, and having drinks together in front of the fireplace. Intimate weddings are the gift of making memories like we want on Christmas… but instead, we’re living off the joy from your wedding day as Copper Harbor has nestles into your heart too. 

I’m the kind of gal who loves love, and as a photographer I can’t help but look out for those beautiful locations. Now that I work here, it feels like every time I peak out the window my breath gets taken away. The beautiful, tall trees and the darling ways their branches grow from living a life in the Harbor… Well, what can I say – this can be your reality, too. 


Last modified on June 10th, 2021 at 1:06 pm