Hiking and Trail Running Update for the KML, Summer 2020

During a time when the best thing you can do is keep your distance from crowds, what better way to distance yourself from others than by getting out on the trails?

2020 has seen outdoor adventures in the Keweenaw, and at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, on the upswing. More and more people gravitated to the outdoors, including hiking. At the Lodge we addressed this increase in outdoors by focusing on more outdoor activities, including mapping out hikes and providing guided hikes, which we call Morning Miles

The Copper Harbor trails have a wonderful reputation when it comes to mountain biking; however, many people underestimate how fun the trails can be to hike and run! With so much varying terrain and views, every trail has something new to offer. Our guided hikes, Morning Miles, at the lodge were held every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am this past summer, and concentrated on the set of trails directly adjacent to the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge: the Back 9 Trails.

The Back 9 Trails offer distances of 2 to up to 5 miles. For the Morning Miles this summer, the group would decide the hike each morning. The Lodge was able to provide multiple guides in cases where there were multiple levels of trail experience or interest.

Our hikers had some great experiences out on the trails this summer! Hikers were able to gather handfuls of huckleberries for a trail-side snack. Or, to try fresh picked thimble berries for the first time. Wild mushrooms are plentiful and while not all are good for eating, they sure are pretty to look at!

Wildlife is abundant in the Keweenaw. So, it wasn’t uncommon to be able to quietly view some deer, or watch the turkeys leading their young. Porcupines didn’t like the company and would scamper up trees. Bears are also present in the woods. However,  while there weren’t any actual bear sightings, they left their signs in the form of scat and markings on trees to let us know they were out there! 

Because our guides are armed with interesting facts about local flora and fauna, other local hikes, and of course the history of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge and the surrounding area, our hikers were awarded with conversation that was as good as the views. 

Check out our website for easy to follow maps of some great routes. 

Trail running is another great activity that can be enjoyed at the Lodge. Group trail runs have not yet been scheduled, but we want to make sure that runners know the trails are open for them as well! We had planned an endurance run in May, the Back 9 Endurance Run; however, we cancelled the event due to executive orders and health and safety reasons. The inaugural run will now be in May 2021.

However you choose to do it, some time in the wilderness of the Keweenaw will never disappoint!



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