FlingGolf at the Lodge; Seeing families and friends play and having fun together

This season, one of the additions we have made to our outdoor activities is FlingGolf — a sport that is easy-to-learn, casual, and up-tempo.

Played on the Lodge’s 9-hole golf course, FlingGolf is a blend of lacrosse and golf using a regular golf ball.  Rather than using a set of golf clubs, players use a single Fling Stick. Throwers “hurl” the ball and shape the shot from tee to hole. Fling players can play in their own group or can play in the same group as traditional golfers. We have seen friends and families do both this season.

FlingGolf is a wonderful way to get families and friends out on the course – right alongside traditional golfers.  This season we have seen families mix FlingGolf with traditional golfers in their family, playing in the same foursome. We are finding that having FlingGolf as an option with traditional golf is a wonderful way to continue to enjoy a family vacation together.

Fling sticks can be rented at the Outdoor Activity Center, and you can book a tee time via the regular method (just like a tee time for a traditional round of golf).

Learn more about FlingGolf (the company) and learn-the-sport.


Last modified on August 29th, 2020 at 7:44 pm