Name of Pro Shop building changed to Outdoor Activity Center

This past week we made a name change to the Pro Shop building. The new name is the build is the Outdoor Activity Center (OAC).

The reason for the name change is to better represent what the building will be used for going forward, which is the hub for all the outdoor activities that are taking place at the Lodge.

Golf has been the primary outdoor activity at the Lodge for a number of years. The term “Pro Shop” represented that golf focus. 

Now that the Lodge is focusing on multiple outdoor activities, including hiking, trailing running, mountain biking, disc golf, and more, it made sense to rename the building to better represent these activities.

We look forward to incorporating more of our outdoor activities as the summer progresses, and the winter comes along (as we will also be adding winter outdoor activities). The Keweenaw is built for people to be outdoors. The Outdoor Activity Center is being setup to help make that a reality for more people visiting the Keweenaw.

Get outdoors. Ride a bike. Hike a trail. Play a round of golf. Do all the above.

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