Wedding Talk with Mariah: Destination…Keweenaw Peninsula

Wedding Talk with Mariah is a blog series about KML weddings, with expert insights and advice from Events Manager Mariah Summers.

August was BUSY, we missed a blog post! And by we, I now mean me, as Grace has accepted an exciting new position at Michigan Tech. We miss her, and wish her the best!

A destination wedding to the U.P.’s Keweenaw Peninsula is guaranteed to be a unique, memorable experience. But…where do you start?

Hire a planner

Hiring a planner would be a great first step. A planner that is local to the area would have valuable insights to the logistics of wedding planning in our beloved, but small and remote area. They can help you find the best vendors, therefore taking the guesswork out of planning the details. Depending on their services, they could even help you and your guests with travel and lodging! Contact Honey and Heart , they are wonderful to work with!

Picking the right date

Most likely to be your biggest issue in the Keweenaw (besides the bugs!)…what will the weather be like? We have very few, coveted months when we know we can enjoy nice weather. Late May into early June will start bringing warmer days, melting the snow and drying up the spring run off. However, they can also be unpredictable with rain and cold weather days still making an appearance. July and August can be counted on for some beautiful, warm sun! Late September into October are good for two things…colder, rainy weather and gorgeous colors. But, although color season is popular with locals and tourists for its vibrant beauty, I wouldn’t count on staying dry or warm if you plan an outdoor ceremony!

Showcase the area

The Keweenaw Peninsula is home to sandy beaches, clear waters, scenic views, breweries, and trails galore! So give your guests an opportunity to make the most of their trip by putting together easy to follow itineraries, area trail maps, brochures, and travel guides into a welcome basket. Schedule spa services from Spirit of the North, adventures with the Keweenaw Adventure Company, local brews at Brickside Brewery, or just hop in the car and take a cruise down M-26 along the lake shore! By making sure your guests have options and a little guidance, their trip is sure to be memorable.

 Plan a visit beforehand

If you can, plan to make a trip a few months before the big day. In addition to helping you get familiar with the area, you can also tie in a tour of the venue if you haven’t already had one, a menu tasting, and scope out potential ceremony locations.


The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is in the center of it all. We would love to help you and your guests experience the area to its fullest! Be it small and intimate, or a larger crowd, we will do what we do best and make your special day the rustic, adventurous wedding of your dreams!

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