New trail head for the Blue Trail; Back 9 trail reroutes being worked on

This week the Blue Trail trail head on the Lodge property is being moved.  In conjunction with the Copper Harbor Trails Club and the Lodge, Rock Solid Trail Contracting is working on changing the trail head location to make it flatter and more welcoming to congregate before heading down hill on a trail.  This is part of the initiative to have 2-2.5 miles of mountain biking trails that can be classified as green trails.

As well, the Rock Solid Trails Contracting crew has been working the past several weeks on reroutes for the three Back 9 trails (Chipmunk Run, Moose on the Loose, and Little Loon).  These reroutes of existing cross-country ski trails will make it more enjoyable for riders, runners, and hikers to enjoy trails in the wilderness.

Mike Sweeney has built the wood (brown) signs for the Back 9 trails, and has started putting them around the trails to better direct people where to go. Nathan Miller will be putting up the interpretive signs in the near future.  We are getting closer to having the trails on the Lodge property ready for prime time.


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