Men’s and Women’s Golf League: Week of July 15th

The week of July 15th marks the 5th week of the Men’s and Women’s golf league for the 2019 summer season.

For the Women’s Golf League last week, we saw more players join us, as the the 4th of July brought more people to the Keweenaw — 8-9 individuals. Tomorrow the Women’s Golf League will meet at 10am, tomorrow, Tuesday, July 16th.  We still have not solidified who wants to play in the competitive schedule for matches; we will want to figure that out soon so we can get multiple matches in before the end of August.  So of the individuals want to play competitive matches, some want to have leisure play.

The Men’s Golf League will meet at 5pm, Wednesday, July 17th (see the link to see who you are playing this week).  The overall current results can be found on the league page


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