Men’s and Women’s Golf League: Week of June 24th

The week of June24th marks the 3rd week of the Men’s and Women’s golf league for the 2019 summer season.

The Women’s Golf League will meet at 10am, tomorrow, Tuesday, June 25th.  Last week Candy and Suzi played; Nan and Clarrisa are still out with an injury. This week, Laura will be able to join us, and Nancy has indicated she will join us when she arrives from Minnesota (most likely she will miss tomorrow’s play). We still want to add more players before we begin any competitive play. Thus, tomorrow we enjoy another fun round of golf to help build out the Women’s Golf League with players.

The Men’s Golf League will meet at 5pm, Wednesday, June 26th.  Last week was the first week of competitive play. Results of the matches played are available online in the June 19th Calendar Event (if you don’t see the results for your match, it means we didn’t receive your scorecard from the match).  This week’s matches can be found in the June 26th Calendar Event

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