Sustainability at the Lodge

At the Lodge, we have been making the move to more sustainable business practices. When taking into account our back-country roots behind the shadow of Brockway Mountain, we want to focus on our environmental footprint. The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is working for a more progressive and environmentally viable operation.

While visiting the Lodge, you may have already noticed some changes going on in regards to our supplies and appliances. In our restaurant, we have switched from using styrofoam to-go containers to paper-based ones. These containers are biodegradable, which serve to decrease our environmental impact and are quiet enough to sneak a midnight snack without your significant other knowing.

Our cabins and hotel now feature energy-star fridges. These vintage-inspired mini-fridges not only remind guests of the historical longevity of our Lodge, but also promotes our mission of being a sustainable business.  Our cabins have sustainable cups that can be used for both warm and cold beverages. We have decided against having plastic cups inside our cabins in order to prevent extra waste and reduce our environmental impact. Throughout the main Lodge and in various cabins, we have installed smart thermostats that allow efficient scheduling and modifications of the cabin temperature based upon guest activity.

Coffee tastes better out of biodegradable cups.

We are going forward with more eco-friendly operations as the summer continues on. In the future, you may see less of straws and more of eco-friendly supplies. We are working toward moving away from unsustainable plastics and toward either paper or compostable materials. Our efforts toward sustainable initiative is help reduce our total environmental impact in the Keweenaw.

Come see how else we are respecting our beautiful surroundings by booking a stay or enjoying a meal, and be sure to check out our healthy, environmentally friendly plant-based choices. We can’t wait to see you up here!

Updates: We forgot to mention that we used eco-friendly adhesive and carpet tiles for the carpet in the Lodge [ Hat-tip: Valerie ]. As well, we are now using dressing containers that are reusable (stainless steel) rather than plastic throw-away containers. Plus, you will find recycling bins showing up around the Lodge for guests to help out with recycling.


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  1. I heard the carpeting in the main Lodge was that super eco-friendly Flor square tiles too, made from recycled materials and installed with an uber eco-friendly adhesive. And the new light fixtures looked like they have LED light bulbs? Kudos to all the eco changes!

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