An Experience in the Wilderness; Not Your Urban Connection

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is tucked into the wilderness at the top of the Keweenaw peninsula in the U.P. of Michigan. While our scenic location is just the relaxing getaway many are looking for, there has been some concern about some of the connectivity issues at our location. Due to the remote location of our lodge and the Copper Harbor area in general, many are unable to receive cell service in the area. While we are working with cell phone providers to negotiate the possibility of having a cell tower put up in this northernmost part of the Upper Peninsula, right now, many people will likely not receive cell service at our location. 

We have also heard that some customers are experiencing internet connectivity troubles at our location as well. We are working to improve upon our lodging experience based on the feedback we have received. We have reached out to our internet provider and tech support to help decrease this issue of connectivity. As of right now, the Wi-Fi should be working at all of our cabins; however, the speed of the internet may be slower than what many people expect in urban areas. There is a stronger connectivity at our main lodge, and we are working with our provider to find different technology configurations to decrease any low connectivity issues that may occur at the cabins.

If you are traveling in the Upper Peninsula, we suggest that for immediate needs for cell service; we have found that the top of Brockway Mountain is one of the closest locations near Copper Harbor that is able to receive cell tower service.  And if you have Verizon you can receive cell phone services around the main Lodge building.

We appreciate your patience, and enjoyment of the wilderness, as we continue to improve our services both at the lodge and in the community. In the meantime, take a moment to disconnect and enjoy our cozy, social atmosphere.

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