Patrick Mixis: Creating A New Taste In The Keweenaw

Head Chef, Patrick Mixis, joined the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge while looking for a change of pace from his Kalamazoo ventures. He’s a 2013 graduate from Western Michigan University with a degree in Food Service Administration and a focus in Dietetics and Nutrition. His career success includes opening a restaurant at the age of 24 – Feed The World Cafe & Restaurant in Kalamazoo, MI. He has also won various culinary awards and has been nominated for Innovator of the Year through Feeding America in 2017. His Feed The World Cafe & Restaurant was designed as a socially-responsible business to help provide food and funds to the local food bank, while still operating as a typical restaurant. He decided to branch out past Kalamazoo and found himself looking into the Copper Country after talking with one of his mentors who spends time in the area. His mentor suggested reaching out to his former professor from Western Michigan University – John Mueller, who recently took on the ownership and operation for the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge. Patrick was ecstatic to take on the new challenge at the Lodge and experience a different culinary scene outside of Kalamazoo.

The menu that is offered at the Lodge could be characterized as high end blended with a local aesthetic. Our vision for dining at the Lodge is inspired by his drive to create an experience through a newly designed menu featuring both eclectic and ethnic foods. While he does not plan to abandon classic menu options like burgers or prime rib; he is striving to create a menu that is unique for the area and catered toward those looking for a new taste. Patrick’s key influence in the alteration of the menu is modern technology cooking, which features scientific culinary techniques such as spherification – a technique he is hoping to be able to eventually apply at the Lodge. While some of these culinary techniques are still being worked into the menu items, Patrick has brought his own influences into the dynamic specials menu.  

His focus for the Lodge is currently showcased through the plating etiquette of the dishes. Patrick is also a vegan certified chef; a certification he plans to put to use at the Lodge by creating vegetarian and vegan-friendly options.

Head Chef, Patrick Mixis, preparing salads for dinner service.

In the upcoming summer months, the Lodge plans to bring in special guest chefs that will be serving special menu items. These guest chefs are mentors and colleagues of our Head Chef; many of whom specialize in specific culinary areas that will excite the palate of our dining guests. These chefs will be catering toward certain ethnic flavors, like Italian and Carribean.

While dining in the Lodge this upcoming summer, expect dynamic flavors with a global perspective. The mellow blend of unique ingredients we are planning to use in the kitchen will work to create a fusion of classic dishes with modern textures and flavors.

If you are interested in dining with us; you can find our restaurant hours online or call us at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge at (906)-289-4403 to make a dining reservation. Remember to frequently check our website to see our current specials and menu.  

5 Replies to “Patrick Mixis: Creating A New Taste In The Keweenaw”

  1. It was so nice to meet Patrick, when we were at KML a couple of weeks ago. Great food. Thanks for letting us sample your wonderful peanut butter cheesecake, too!

  2. Had breakfast May 31 and enjoyed visiting with John as grew up in Laurium in the 40’ s with my father active in local politics. Also spent summers in Bete Gris and now have a home in Eagle Harbor with the primary residence in Birmingham, Alabama. Looking forward to visiting the KML upon my return.

  3. Our family has reserved 5 cabins beginning 7/23/19. We have approximately 8 vegans (3 are children) in our group. It would be WONDERFUL to see some vegan dishes on the menu!

    Can’t wait!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Kimberly! Our staples menu has 4 vegan options and our specials will always feature a few plant-based choices. We can’t wait to serve you and your family!

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