Black Fly Open to be Held at Calumet Golf Club

After a number of years of being a the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge golf course, the Black Fly Open will move to Calumet Golf Club.

We are sad to see the tournament move from the Lodge golf course, but are very happy to see the tournament continue, and that it will continue at a local golf course.

To find out more about the Black Fly Open, please contact Kevin at the Calumet Golf Club! 


3 Replies to “Black Fly Open to be Held at Calumet Golf Club”

    1. Bill,

      The decision to move the event was made by the organizers of the Black Fly Open, not by the Lodge. The Lodge has been the host course for the Black Fly Open over the past years, but we were not involved in organizing the event. We recommend you talk to the organizers about why they decided to move the event. For us, we are happy that they are continuing to play the tournament, as it helps grow the game of golf in the Keweenaw. We are also happy for Kevin and the Calumet Golf Club that they are able to host the event.

      And true, there are more black flies at the Lodge / Copper Harbor than in Calumet.

      – JM

  1. Although I do not know the intricacies of the negotiations of the Traditional Black Fly Tournament at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge I believe the proprietor lost a great opportunity to establish a rapport with the local residents and revenue from the dining, bar, golf and lodging must have been a pittance in regard to their imagined profits for the 3rd week of May.
    Best Wishes for a successful Season.

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