Using Biological Fertilizer on Golf Course

As part of our Audubon Society Sanctuary Golf Course initiative, which aligns with our value of valuing the environment, we are researching and testing biological fertilizers on the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge golf course.

In the 2023 season, we will be trialing a biological fertilizer from Nurture Growth Bio (main contact: Le Luong).

We will apply the fertilizer on the fairway of hole 4, which is a Kentucky Bluegrass. The acreage of the fairway are on hole 4 is around 1.5 acres.

Comparing to what we normally use

We currently use a slow release fertilizer on the fairways, which we apply around mid-June. Below are several pictures of that fertilizer (Andersons Golf Products Turf Fertilizer 23-0-10, with Poly-S Nitrogen & Iron).