No Tipping Establishment

We are a No-Tipping establishment.

The KML organization has setup a structure that is different than other organizations in the service industry. The structure is based upon what professional organizations offer.

Leadership at the Lodge does not believe that the customers should directly pay for the livelihood of KML team members. If so, the organization should not exist and team members should be independent contractors. However, Lodge leadership does not think that a great team can be built where each person is operating individually, and without proper support from an organization — especially in a multi-faucet operation like the resort.

Each KML team member is provided a livable wage (all full-time staff receive a salary), with a compensation package that includes the ability to receive bonuses based upon their results. As well, we provide benefit packages that include 401(k) plans, profit sharing, tuition reimbursement, employee housing, and more [ see employee benefits ]

This allows KML team members to focus on providing a wonderful experience for ALL guests and be able to treat customers like people — which shows how we value our guests and value our team members [ see our core values ].

Every guest has the ability to show their appreciation by being a solid human being — by saying thank you, by not thinking they are entitled but are grateful for the service being provided, smiling, showing respect for every individual at the Lodge, checking their ego at the door, constantly learning, being positive, being welcoming, and appreciating life and the beauty around them at the Lodge [ in other words, following our core values


Additional Information, Did you know? 

Tipping has a troubled history in the United States. Tipping spread after the Civil War in the United States (i.e. after 1865) as an “exploitative” measure to keep down wages of newly-freed slaves in service jobs. In addition to creating an imbalance between workers based upon race, tipping created an imbalance in the relationship between customers and workers.

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