Guest Chef Program

Welcome to the Guest Chef program at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.

Below we provide information about the program why we have started the program, and the current calendar of guest chefs, as well as provide a link to the application for chefs to apply to be a guest chef.

Calendar of Guest Chefs

Current Guest Chef events planned

Past Guest Chef events held at the Lodge

About the Program

The Guest Chef program is an initiative at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge to bring in chefs to the Lodge for a couple days up to a couple of weeks. A chef will be part of the Lodge’s kitchen to cook a menu based upon her/his specialty.

Why did we start the program?

The Guest Chef program was developed for the following purpose:

1. keep the kitchen staff engaged and interested in cooking by learning something new on a regular basis (one of our core values)

— and —

2. provide a unique dining experience for Lodge patrons

— and —

3. expand the palate, knowledge, and skills of our patrons of the Keweenaw

This initiative is part of the “growing the pie” philosophy we have at the Lodge.

The program was derived from what John Mueller saw with his wife, Widad, who went back to school at 50 years of age in Louisville, Kentucky. Widad’s creative attitude and energy level were high during the two years she was in culinary arts school (@ Sullivan University). Upon graduation, she accepted her first culinary job in Kalamazoo, Michigan. For her first year on the job, she cooked omelettes each day, and did so with enthusiasm. However, during the 2nd year of working in the kitchen, John saw Widad’s enthusiasm wan and her creativity diminish. This was contrary to the time that Widad was in culinary arts school and learning a new cuisine every two weeks. When a cook stops being enthusiastic about what he/she is cooking, the resulting food begins to suffer. And thus, customers receive food that is not from the heart or soul — and is less tasty. The Guest Chef program was derived from the situation and concept that if the cooks are engaged and constantly learning something new with the food they are cooking, they will be happier and produce better food for the patrons

Example schedule of a Guest Chef

SundayGuest Chef arrives in the Keweenaw
MondayGet acquainted w/staff and facility - Decide who will assist the chef in prep and cooking.

Review previously agreed upon menu, organize ingredient list and prep schedule
TuesdayPrep for one new breakfast item (to be available with the Little Cabin Cafe Menu) and 1 lunch item (to be available with the bar menu)
WednesdayPrepare for the feast.

Breakfast and lunch items available

Meet and Greet Hors D’oeuvres Reception
ThursdayMeals: Breakfast - 1 item, Lunch 1 item, Dinner Prix fixe menu
FridayWorkshop with the guests - or - Departure
SaturdayIf doing a Workshop, departure on Saturday or Sunday
*The above is a general guideline that may be adjusted according to the needs of the chef and the Lodge's schedule.

Compensation for the Guest Chef

The Guest Chef will need to find her/his way to the Lodge. Once at the Lodge, the lodging is paid for, and the food is paid for. In addition, the Guest Chef will also receive an honorarium. 

  • Lodging: One cabin will be provided for the guest chef and a spouse/partner/adult guest. Children of the chef are also welcome to stay. Complementary lodging will be provided for 5 nights, Sunday thru Thursday (6 nights, Sunday thru Friday if presenting workshop).
  • Meals: Chef, spouse/partner and children will dine at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge as our guests for the duration of their stay.
  • Honorarium: $500

This compensation structure is setup to self select quality chefs AND chefs that want to enjoy an adventure in the Keweenaw.

Apply to be a Guest Chef

If you are interested in being a Guest Chef at the Lodge this season, you can use the application link below. Thereafter, the dates available can be discussed. Below is the link to the application.

[ 2023 KML Guest Chef Application ]

Once you apply, we will let you know we have received your application and that we are reviewing it. Once we have reviewed the application we will let you know what the next step will be. 


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