Snowshoe Hare

[ This year’s event is on February 12, 2022 | Learn More ]


The Snowshoe Hare at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is an event celebrating snowshoeing in the Keweenaw. The inaugural event is this year, 2022.

This event has an educational component to it where attendees learn about: snowshoeing, comparisons between modern snowshoes with traditional snowshoes (demonstration models provided by Iverson Snowshoes), and about snowshoe hares and their ecology.

For the novice snowshoers – learn what snowshoes are, the different types of snowshoes, snowshoe history, how to put them on, and how to use them. For more advanced snowshoers, try out and compare traditional and modern snowshoes.

Speak with members of Keweenaw Outdoor Recreation Coalition (KORC) about opportunities for outdoor recreation, including snowshoeing, throughout the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Snowshoe Activities:


Adult Snowshoe Loop Race: 10:00 am

Kids Snowshoe Loop Race: 11:30 am

Meditative (mindful) Snowshoeing: 1:00pm

Awards Ceremonies 3:00pm

Snowshoe Hare Ecology presentation: 3:30pm

Guided Moonlit Snowshoe Hike: 7:00pm (reservations required)

Food and Beverages: For cuisine which is rustic, worldly, and centered around the theme of snowshoes

  • Throughout the day, Rabbit Sausage Soup will be available at the Little Cabin CafĂ©
  • During the evening, in the Dining Room, Hasenpfeffer — a traditional German stew made from marinated rabbit or hare — will be available as a special dinner option.

We will also be offering Blackrocks’ Grand Rabbits beer as part of the theme.

This event is free to resort guests and the general public to attend.

If people want to support the event, the Lodge, and the Keweenaw, we are asking participants to either join or donate to the Keweenaw Outdoor Recreation Coalition (KORC) – an organization dedicated to protecting the Keweenaw’s vast landscapes for everyone, forever. KORC will be onsite answering questions and registering new members.