August 2020: fun.joyous.adventuresome Team Member Pic

Each month we highlight a picture from the Lodge based upon our core values. Here is the August 2020 fun.jouyous.adventuresome team member picture of the month.  This month Janee Artrip posed for a picture in the one of the historic fireplaces, with the sign of the times — a mask. Trust us, she is smiling under the mask.

Guarding one of the historic fireplaces in the Lodge: Janee Artrip
[ August 29, 2020 ]

This picture was taken as we had a break in the traffic on a Saturday morning, before the dine-in services opened up (at 11am).  July has been beautiful weather, and we haven’t had to use the historic fireplaces the past month.

And to have fun, the photographer, Chris Guibert, decided to start thinking about Halloween when we will begin to use the fireplaces again.