Winter Lodging Reservations

We are OPEN in the winter. The winter lodging is available in the golf course-side cabins. There is a 2-night minimum stay and 1-night deposit required. 

You can use the form below to search for availability, see the prices for each available cabin, and pictures of the cabins. As well, you can click on the golf-course side cabins in the property map below to go directly to a cabin of your choice, and enter your desired dates.


Reminder: Payment is by credit or debit card only. View entire availability via a Calendar view.

or click on a cabin in the image below to reserve a specific cabin

Note: During the winter, only the golf course-side cabins are open (cabins 1-14).

Cabin 1 Cabin 2 Cabin 3 Cabin 4 Cabin 5 Cabin 6A & 6B Cabin 7 Cabin 8A & 8B Cabin 9A & 9B Cabin 10 Cabin 11 Cabin 12 Cabin 14

For winter reservations, lodging guests receive a 10% discount on food and beverage (non-alcoholic) at the Lodge during their stay, and receive a breakfast burrito and coffee for breakfast each day of one’s stay (based upon the number of paid registered guests in the cabin each night).

2022-2023 Winter Take-Out Dinners

During the 2022-2023 winter, lodging guests will be able to receive a take-out dinner (Monday-Saturday) that can be picked up between 5-6pm at the Lodge and taken back to their cabin. These meals offered are pre-determined on a set schedule. The meals are not guaranteed so lodging guests will need to place their dinner order by 11am each day (preferably more than 24-hours in advance)

[ See the details of the take-out dinner meals ]

Lodging Policies

See lodging policies for winter, as they are slightly different than our summer lodging policies, and see the current hours of operations for our Dining Services


Snowmobiles: Guests staying with us must trailer their snowmobiles in and out of the lodge property. There are no access trails on or around the lodge property. Guests can bring their snowmobiles 1 mile down to Copper Harbor via trailer to access the trailhead — as it is illegal to ride snowmobiles up/down US Hwy 41 because of the hazard such actions creates to snowmobilers and other vehicles on the highway.