Audubon International Green Lodging Program

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is investigating the process to become an Audubon International Green Lodging certified establishment. We are currently, conducting a self-assessment of our environmental best practices, which is  the first stage of the certification process.

Member #:  23930

The Audubon International Green Lodging Program will provide the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge with a third-party verification that our facilities meet environmental Best Management Practices (BMPs) and that we demonstrate a strong commitment to:

            1. Water Quality,
            2. Water Conservation,
            3. Waste Minimization,
            4. Resource Conservation, and
            5. Energy Efficiency.

The process begins with us conducting a self-assessment of our environmental management practices related to the, above mentioned, five areas of focus for the Green Lodging Program. After completing the detailed self-assessment, it will be submitted to Audubon International’s Green Lodging staff, for their review.

Audubon International will then conduct an independent on-site verification of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge’s facilities to assess our environmental best practices. Based on that assessment, we will be issued an “Eco-rating” by Audubon International.

To ensure continuous improvement of our environmental practices, Audubon International will then, regularly provide us with tools to implement and expand our environmental practices.


Last modified on May 9th, 2022 at 10:43 am