Showing the Photos from the 2022 Keweenaw Photo Contest

This past spring we held the a 2022 Keweenaw Photo Contest, with the photos selected to be hung in the cabins, printed on wood from Unrefined Art in Niles, Michigan.

We listed the winners in an earlier post, but we did not show the photos. Here are the photos, and where we currently having the photos being printed and will hang them in the cabins once we receive them from Unrefined Art.

  • Nathan Frazier: Quincy Dredge No. 2

  • Nathan Frazier:  Rainbow Over Bare Bluff

  • Chris Guibert: Eagle River Falls

  • Chris Guibert: Lac La Belle

  • Joe Hall: Milky Way over Eagle Harbor Marina

  •  Joe Hall: Northern Lights seen from Brockway Mountain

  • Jim Hay: Eaglet at Gratiot Lake

  • Nicholas Jensen: Copper Harbor Lighthouse

  • Margret Keats: Ice Wave

  • Nathan Miller: Ice Walk at McClain State Park

  • Frank Mittelstadt: Boreal Owl at Mount Bohemia

  • Rob Mohn: Fall Colors from the top of Brockway Mountain

  • Chelsea Murawski: US 41 in Mandan

  • Bill Parthun: Horseshoe Bay Waves

  • Jeremey Rodriguez: Hunter’s Point

  • Jeremey Rodriguez: Swedetown

  • Jeremy Rowe: Northern Lights at Agate Harbor

  • Christopher Schmidt: Lightning Storm over Lake Superior

  • Mark Upton: Pancake Ice at 5 Mile Point

  • Cassandra Wagner: Fall at the top of Mount Ripley


Thank you to all the photographers that submitted their photos in the 2022 Keweenaw Photo Contest. It was wonderful reviewing them, and being able to have quality photos from so many. We look forward to hanging this year’s woodprints in the cabins before the end of the year.

We also had a Keweenaw Photo Contest in 2009. You can view those woodprints here.

Woodprints by Unrefined Art