TVs — Not what we are about

If you are coming to the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge to watch TV, then you have probably booked in a resort that isn’t for you.

Since last October, we have worked with DirectTV to try to upgrade our system from analog to digital.  However, they never sent anyone up to make the upgrades; but rather, would push the responsibility on us to do the site survey and tell them what equipment was needed.  This resulted in many of the TVs in the cabins not having access to DirectTV — thus not being usable. 

At the same time, the new owner was disappointed with how technicians had installed 12 satellites on our property in the past, resulting in unsightly wiring between the cabins at the Lodge.

After 9+ months of numerous calls and being told things were going to get fixed, we have become exhausted in working with DirectTV. We have evaluated that it is best for us to focus more on the wilderness experience and building out a Wifi network throughout the cabins and the Lodge. 

Thus, yesterday, after trying to work through the issues and headaches with DirectTV, it was agreed with DirectTV that we would cancel our service with them. The result, DirectTV was completely turned off from the Lodge as of midnight last night. 

This year we have not advertised we had DirectTV, as that was not one of our selling points at the Lodge. Our core selling points at the Lodge are the wilderness and the history of the Lodge.  Thus, our target market are guests that want to enjoy the Keweenaw wilderness, and take in a historical resort that was built as part of a WPA project in 1934.

We understand that it might be an inconvenience to not have a TV available for a program you just cannot miss or just to do something if it’s rainy.  As we build out the WiFi network on the property, it will become more readily available in the cabins.  Plus, our team is happy to provide plenty of information on area activities or board games. If TV is a major deal breaker, there are a number of establishments in Copper Harbor that have TV service.

Thus, if you have already booked with us and require TV to enjoy life, before you check-in you are free to cancel your reservation at any time, free of charge.